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Rainy Days

Hello everybody. These days the typhoon hit Tokyo, which meant strong wind while raining every now and then. It is not as strong as everyone expected. A japanese friend straight out told me to just stay inside if I had the chance last week-end, but where would be the fun in that? When going out,… Continue reading Rainy Days

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Famous in Japan

Hello guys! Six years ago, my parents did an effort to teach me some things first before letting me go off to Japan. They could have prevented me from going in the first place actually, but decided to allow me the year abroad if my grades got better. Today I believe that when they told… Continue reading Famous in Japan

Looking back

More memories coming back

Hi everyone. The other day my friend and I got seperated at Tokyo central station, because we were stupid enough to set up our meeting point there. Do not do that. At some point we gave up and just went our seperate ways and I rediscovered the emperors palace – a place my hostdad at… Continue reading More memories coming back

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Carnival in Tokyo

I got you there. It is not actually carnival in Tokyo. Although sometimes I get the impression.

On my way to Asakusa I ran into a samba festival, which I – in all honesty – did not regognize as a samba festival at all. Maybe it was because I have no idea about samba. But maybe it was also because the first thing I saw were a bunch of dancing pizza bakers throwing frisbees coloured like pizzas. They were followed right after by those pieces of pizza themselves, also dancing.

In Germany, I’m living in Duesseldorf, famous for their own crazy carnival parades. I still did not feel prepared, I have to admit.

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Akasaka Borderless House

Hey guys! Since Friday I am living in the borderless house of Akasaka. It’s nice to see it so clean on the picture! This was taken apparently when the house had just opened, and although we try our best to keep it clean, it definitely looks nowhere like this. The borderless house is a share… Continue reading Akasaka Borderless House

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The Golden Load of Shit

Hi everybody! As mentioned before, I’m here with a friend. She is staying currently in a hostel in Asakusa and I visit her every now and then. Now, when you step out of the Asakusa metro station – back from the underground into the broad daylight – really, the first thing you’ll see is the… Continue reading The Golden Load of Shit

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Arriving in Tokyo

Hello there! I arrived in Tokyo on August 26th after a flight of approximatley 12 hours. We decided to take a flight from Germany in the evening so that we could sleep during that time before arriving in Japan, where it would be already noon. Didn’t work out quite as well as expected, but both… Continue reading Arriving in Tokyo