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Arriving in Tokyo

Hello there!

I arrived in Tokyo on August 26th after a flight of approximatley 12 hours. We decided to take a flight from Germany in the evening so that we could sleep during that time before arriving in Japan, where it would be already noon. Didn’t work out quite as well as expected, but both of us got a good 4 to 5 hours of sleep at some point.

Up above somewhere in between China / Korea and Japan

Tokyo in August is amazingly hot. You can’t even prepare for that. Just hope that you will have the chance to stay in as many climatised facilities as possible. Oh, and buy a face cloth! These things are super convenient. They are like small wash clothes, but in very cute or cool patterns, and they can hold up a lot of fluids. You will be sweating a lot, I guarantee you as much.

My friend and me both booked hostels for our first night in town, but failed to communicate about that. As a result we were in almost opposite parts of Tokyo, which meant fighting through the jungle that is the Tokyo metro system on our first day.

I’ve found the app “Japan Travel” to be quite useful in that case. It has the metro map in offline mode and when connected to the internet it picks a route for you and tells you the price. It can even prioritize JR-Pass routes. We decided against that Pass though.

Finally however, both of us arrived at our respective hostels – and even managed to do that before the metro shut down at 10pm. Miriam was apparently sleeping well, I on the other hand woke up at 4 and was ready to go up and take on anything. I’m always suffering from jetlag when comming to Japan. Can’t sleep during the night and exhausted for the entire day. At that particular time, I decided to take a picture in the hostel.

Common Room of the Imano Tokyo Hostel – at 4:10am.

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