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The Golden Load of Shit

Hi everybody!

As mentioned before, I’m here with a friend. She is staying currently in a hostel in Asakusa and I visit her every now and then.

Now, when you step out of the Asakusa metro station – back from the underground into the broad daylight – really, the first thing you’ll see is the following masterpiece:

Asakusa – Known for a giant piece of golden shit

The people actually call it that, yes. In Japanese it is kin no unchi – golden shit. I was told its a play of words, but even now, speaking Japanese, I don’t get it at all.

Who told me about this piece of art?

That was my hostdad six years ago, when I was 15 and stupid and absolutely obsessed with the idea of going abroad for a student exchange. He was the nicest guy and even though he was so busy with his family and his job, he always took me to fascinating places. So, one time he went to Tokyo with me and tried to get me excited for art.

I looked like this at 15 – although not always as skeptical.

It does feel very different now going back here by myself. I am older, I’m not as stupid anymore. I look very different, which also is something I am quite proud of. Japan doesn’t seem as foreign to me now as it did back then.

Still, I think some things just don’t change.

The building for example ist still there. My obsession for Japan is also still there – although its nature changed from just being hyped about random Japan-related stuff, to a more elaborate interest in different aspects of culture and society.

And last but not least, I still – up to this date – can’t make head nor tails out of this. Is it even anything more but a giant pile of golden shit? Does it want to tell me something about life? Should I aim for one day producing a perfect shit like this? I’m having so many questions. I guess this is what art does with you.


Six years later – Still confused.

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