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Tokyo Metropolis

Even while being in Tokyo, I usually can’t wrap my head around just how enormously large this city is.

Yesterday, a colleague at the embassy took me up the Mori Tower in Roppongi, which is 54 stories tall and has an observatory deck on top of that. The view is simply amazing from this far up above.

You can see so far! My colleague was able to point out the different districts of Tokyo and various places for sightseeing for me. I will certainly have to go to some of these.

But besides seeing Tokyo from above, the best indication so far of this citys scale were the clouds. How come?

Now, Duesseldorf is a large city that had me get used to light pollution in no time, but of course it doesn’t even compare to Tokyo with a population of 13,5 million. At night, the lights from the streets, the advertisements and the millions of people in the skyscrapers light up the sky to a nearly unbelievable extend.

As a result, the clouds are clearly illuminated at night, hovering above this city in a kind of spooky fashion, to remind me that this city is just huge.


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