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Slightly getting into Arts

Hey everybody!

One thing I found out during my first days at my internship is that various exhibitors and concert hosts invite the embassy staff to their events. The tickets they send to the embassy  are being sorted and registered and that list is being send to all the embassy staff. Guess whos tasks those are.

So, I’m the one who is getting acces to all the tickets the important people don’t have the time to go to or don’t think of as that important. For the most part those are art exhibitions and classical music concerts. But still, this is a major chance!

For example, I started listing the tickets on friday, but, because friday is our short day, I wasn’t able to finish it and sending it to my colleagues. So at the end of the day I had tickets for an exhibition this very weekend that would have simply gone to waste. So I took them with me.

It was an exhibition for japanese calligraphy, artistically arranged in more modern everyday contextes. A housemate from the United States accompanied me to the exhibition and it was so impressing to both of us. The special paper, the ink and the arrangements, paired with flowers, and fruits and lovely details. The different compositions depicted different seasons and holidays in Japan and were each balanced and self-contained. It was not a big exhibition, but with so much loving attention to detail!

But see for yourself! 🙂

I’m looking forward to see more japanese art in the coming months and will make sure to keep you guys updated on that!


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