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Small earthquakes

Hi guys,

As you probably know, Japan is quite known for its regular eathquakes. Some are smaller, some are bigger. The biggest one recently being of course the Tôhoku earthquake of March 2011 that triggered the destructive tsunami and also the nuclear meltdown in the nuclear reactor of Fukushima.

These days, I experienced some really small eathquakes, primarily in the evening when lying down – otherwise I probably wouldn’t have noticed. The data of the Japan Metrological Agency confirmed that feeling of mine, stating that hardly any of the recent quakes even reached a seismic intensity of level 3.

Today however, around half past one in the afternoon, when we had just finished lunch break, a slightly stronger earthquake hit (meaning seismic intensity of level 4…). I was lucky I still had some cold tea on the table, so I could film it for you guys.

The earthquake did not hit Tokyo directly though. The prefecture where it hit was Ibaraki, which is northern of Tokyo. You can see more data on here:

Japan Meterological Agency:

A co-worker told me afterwards that the German embassy is actually the second most protected building against earthquakes in entire Tokyo, because it had to be rebuild after the fatal Kobe earthquake of 1995. The only building more secure is of course the presidential residency. I feel really special now.



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