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Showing some colours

 Hello everyone.

German-Japanese partnership.

As a German, who grew up in Germany, I’m not really used to seeing the German colours outside of soccer championships or souvenir trash stores.

While the flags of the UK and the USA, or France’s, are even considered fashionable and are produced as fabrics for clothings of all kinds, Germans tend to be really self-conscious not to choose our national colours for products.

Now that I’m working at the embassy’s, things are a bit different though. Here, Germany is “merchandised” to a certain extend and we are working hard on getting people interested in our country, especially the younger ones. And colours are very easy to remember and to recognize, plus, they convey a neutral image when seen the first time.

For some reason however, nearly everything in the embassy that the staff uses is also in the German colours. Everyone is given an umbrella in the German colours, we write with pens in the colours and in the intern’s room there are even the flags displayed.

The waterbottle in the last picture was designed by a Japanese company for the G7 summit this year in Japan. Every delegation received bottles in their county’s colours. It was actually a very nice idea.

Still, I think this is hilarious for the most part, because it it doesn’t really matter what our pens looks like, right? But what I like even more about my workplace are the doors of my Japanese co-workers. The doors in the embassy are magnetic and some people hang posters for upcoming events there or notifications of absence. Every now and then however there would be a door that is simply crammed with German themed magnets and accessories.

I would probably do the same with weird Japan related stuff, though… 😉


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