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Traveling and Sleep

Hey everybody, when you only have the weekend to travel and want to keep an eye on your budget, you really need to get creative on how to balance travel and sleep. That at least was the situation I found myself in, when I traveled to Osaka spontaneously last week. A good advice my friend… Continue reading Traveling and Sleep

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Osaka Ant

Hey guys, this weekend I did not spend in Tokyo like my name on here implies, but their rival town, Osaka. It was a rather spontaneous decision, since I got the chance to see a friend from my very first time in Japan, Sara. We didn’t quite know whether or not it would work out… Continue reading Osaka Ant

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“Fukushima, mon amour”

Dear Readers, on saturday I attended a screening of the German film “Fukushima, mon amour” (Grüße aus Fukushima, 2016). It was part of the opening reception for the German Film Festival in Roppongi Hills and therefore many special guests were attending, too. Not all of them took part in “Fukushima, mon amour”, but other German… Continue reading “Fukushima, mon amour”

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Art and Politics

Hello everybody. As I told you in one of my very first entries on here, the embassy staff is quite often invited to art exhibitions and I’ve come to regularly take this opportunity and see some Japanese art. While last time the exhibition was all about calligraphy, this time I had the chance to see… Continue reading Art and Politics


By the way…

…I am in my internship for one and a half months today! Yay!

That means I’m over the hump already and only one and a half months left.

Thank you guys for taking part in my adventures  ❤

The ant says: “Thank you!”
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What it’s like being a cyclist in Tokyo

When it came to commuting, I chose cycling over taking the train when I prepared for my internship in August. Don’t get me wrong, I really like the convenience of the Japanese train system. It is fast, always punctual, and tells you where to stand to be in front of a door. Furthermore, the ticket… Continue reading What it’s like being a cyclist in Tokyo

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Yesterday I saved a Duck

Hey guys. When I left the embassy yesterday night I noticed something in the middle of the street. At first I thought it was just a plastic bag, but that would have been a bit unusual in the clean streets of Tokyo and the thing moved strangely. When I came closer, a man jumped on… Continue reading Yesterday I saved a Duck