My presentation on Germany

Hey guys,
this is kind of old news already, but about one week ago I accompanied a co-worker to a Japanese middle school here in Tokyo.

Events like these are usually held in the gym. I remember falling asleep during those while I was in a Japanese High School…

The school is already in their preparations for the Olympics in Tokyo 2020 and decided to start their program with a series of countries introducing themselves. So they asked the embassy to prepare a presentation about Germany, which should include two main topics: What is the image of Japan in Germany and how can Germany and Japan cooperate?

I was really just a sidekick most of the time, commenting on some pictures and drawing attention with my German accent in Japanese. Apparently German accents don’t sound harsh when speaking Japanese. So far I only got positive comments, like the vowels sound very clear and our struggling with pronunciations of the syllables rya, ryu, ryo is supposedly even adorable.

bild2I also talked about “Japantag – Japan Day” a very popular annual festivity in Duesseldorf, which I loved to attend even before having the slightest idea that one day I would go to university in that city.

Everything during the event was timed to the minute, from welcome and gratitude speeches to the applause in the beginning and in the end. I had almost forgotten that Japanese schools tend to do that…

If you would like to have a look, I have linked the presentation for you. I designed it myself and am a slight bit proud of how it turned out 🙂

Just click on the image to view my presentation.

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