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Hey guys,

today I read the first reports on possible snowfall in Germany and apparently it is going to be freezing starting this week in my home town. In Japan, on the contrary, I am still waiting eagerly for autumn to fully arrive here.

In this park on my way from the embassy I could see the first colours.
And this is the view from the embassy right now.

I’m always very indecisive whether I prefer autumn or winter as my favourite season, they definitely both have their strong points. I love the wind in autumn, how it gets chilly as soon as you leave the sun and the warm feeling you get, when all the leaves change colours and the world just turns into this beautiful, colourful place. I also like the forest when it is getting greyer and greyer, and when there are storms that make the rain lash against your windows. In those times you just can’t help but admire nature for its sheer force.

On the other hand I am a massive Christmas maniac.

36151_162647443765721_1571349_nWhen I was in Japan six years ago, December really marked a breaking point for me. My host families of course knew of Christmas and even decorated the house very nicely, but not being able to be with your family in the season that is all about family was really hard for me.

At least it snowed a lot back then and I found some relief walking in the snow on my own at that time.

Now, that I’m living in Tokyo, I am fully aware that it most likely won’t snow here. At least not to the point, where it will stay on the ground. (Plus I’ve made sure, that I’ll be back in Germany as soon as December starts. 😉 )

I did however not reckon that autumn would so absolutely make up for that here.

During the last month it had been wonderfully warm here in Tokyo. The temperatures usually reached about 20° C during the day, while the nights grew colder bit by bit. I remembered the beautiful red leaves I had seen during my first time in Japan and had been in anticipation for them ever since the beginning of October.

My host dad of that time took me with him some weekend just to take pictures of the nature turning colourful. I remember driving with him through the woods until we found a good spot and he even took some of me.

dsc_3041Now, finally, as it has turned November, the first colours start showing here in Tokyo, too, and the temperatures still lie around 15 – 17 ° C during the day! You can still go out in a sweater and just enjoy the colours.

Most people would not expect it, but Tokyo has surprisingly many parks – and also in the numerous temples and shrines in the midst of office building areas, you can experience this amazing autumn sight.

I especially enjoy the view from the embassy towards the Arisugawa Park – unfortunately my office’s window is towards the opposite direction…

In Germany, I had been used to like a week of colours until it started getting grey, but here it lasts for almost an entire month. Plus, it’s not just brown or yellow with some occasional orange here, most leafs actually turn a beautiful bright red.

I know that the colouring has only started right now and it will probably get even prettier these coming weeks. This is my last month here in Japan and I really feel like this warm autumn feeling is the perfect distraction from that fact.

I hope to get some more pictures of it and show them to you guys.


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