Being back

Hello guys!

I’ve been back in Germany for two weeks by now – suitcases have been unpacked, pictures have been sorted through and even the last postcard I send from Japan has finally arrived at my grandparents (I forgot the postal code… *sigh*).

Being back feels a bit unreal to be honest. I’m finally back in my apartement that isn’t even comparable with the size of my shared room in Borderless House, but – at the same time – I’m solely responsible for all the tasks that we had shared among all housemates.

I’m also having sooo much spare time right now. I basically went from working a fulltime internship straight back to being an undergraduate student in their senior year – which means only one class per day on average. It takes a lot of effort to remind myself that I need to prepare classes and that it is my responsibility to make sure I fulfill the requirements for the exams. I liked how during my internship work was work and free time used to be just free time.

Duesseldorf Christmas illuminations

So far there was no snowfall in Germany since I arrived – which I take very personal. I’m still feeling very christmas-sy, though, and can’t wait for my family and friends to unwrap the souvenirs from Japan I took with me 😉

For you, my dear readers, I still have many pictures to share in the coming weeks – and although I got you used to me posting articles usually, I’m certain you’ll like them 🙂


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