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Overeating at Sweets Paradise

Hey guys,

it’s been a while. I went through some pictures of my last days in Japan and couldn’t believe I forgot to tell you about our amazing time at Sweets Paradise!

Me and the two girls I worked with all had a pretty sweet tooth and it happened quite regularly that we would drop by our local ice cream parlour after lunch to get our share of creamy, icy sweetness before getting back to work.

So when we heard of a place called “Sweets Paradise” we immediately made a promise to go there before we all had to leave Japan.

No sooner said than done:


At “Sweets Paradise” (or sui-para) you decide on how long you want to stay in advance. For us, it was 1500 Yen for 70 minutes (a bit less than 15€). Had we payed extra, we would have been able to order special themed food and pretty fancy drinks, as this restaurant cooperated with some popular game.

But, in all honesty, we didn’t even know the game and the variety of regular sweets and desserts was already mesmerizing.

There were a lot of delicious cakes, like this pancake tarte above, and also cupcakes, jelly, cream puffs and also very traditional Japanese sweets, like mochi. Whenever something was finished, new masterpieces arrived immediately.

Right next to the desserts were vending machines for hot or cold beverages. I enjoyed drinking some cocoa while eating my desserts. It went better for me than soda.


It was just sooo difficult to decide on the sweets!

You kind of know, that you probably won’t be able to try all of them, but they all look so good. At some point you can’t help but ask yourself: Do I want to try that cake I haven’t tried yet and risk being too full for the cake I already found to be delicious? Or am I going to eat the same cake again and risk missing another delicious kind of cake?

As you can tell, we almost went into existential crisis 😛

But seriously, eating there was simply great and so much fun as a last event together with my co-workers.



If you plan on going there, here are my tips for you:

  • bring fun people. This may sound basic, but you really don’t want to spend 70 minutes with someone who will discuss diets at an all-you-can-eat. Make sure your group enjoys sweet things and doesn’t mind eating a bit too much either.
  • share things from your plates. You can enjoy it together and won’t have to waste something if you don’t like it but really wanted to try it.
  • rather pick many smaller things, than one big piece.
  • drink unsweetened tea. It helps your digestive system and neutralises the sweet flavour in your mouth. Green tea worked best for me.
  • have a walk afterwards and maybe a broth based soup later if you feel like you have overeaten.

Did some of you already go to a place like this? How did you like it? Tell me about it 🙂


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