About an Ant

This is me – I am the ant in Tokyo.

By now, I probably got you a bit confused here. An ant in Tokyo? Of course, I don’t actually consider myself an insect of minimal size. My height is average, I’m only having two legs, and I most certainly won’t bite you!

So why do I indentify as an ant? Good question. You see, my name is Ari, which, funny enough, means just that in Japanese – an ant.

Ari means ant.

I’m going to go a bit deeper into the matter here, so brace yourselves: Japanese has two major kinds of character systems. One they bluntly copied of China – those are the Kanji. They look complicated and are hard to remeber. Second one is kana, which are divided again into two more systems. Hiragana – nice and round, for pronounciation hints, grammar and little kids who can’t read the kanji. And Katakana – more straight and edgy, for any words of foreign descent, foreigners names – AND biological animal labeling.

So, not only is the pronounciaiation the same, out of all the possible variations and combinations of writings in the Japanese language, I even hit the bull’s eye with spelling.


So, what can you expect from an ant in Tokyo?

Another good question! I’m staying in Tokyo for three months as an intern at the German embassy. It’s not my first time to Japan, but in my experience, when it comes to Tokyo, you just never know what will come around. I’m just taking pictures of things I do and things I find hilarious.

So, maybe, if you want to go to Tokyo one day and need inspiration of things to do or to see, or whether you just like my humour – feel free to browse around and don’t forget to give me some feedback!

Love and hugs, Ari.


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