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Overeating at Sweets Paradise

Hey guys, it’s been a while. I went through some pictures of my last days in Japan and couldn’t believe I forgot to tell you about our amazing time at Sweets Paradise! Me and the two girls I worked with all had a pretty sweet tooth and it happened quite regularly that we would drop… Continue reading Overeating at Sweets Paradise

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Japanese KitKat-Craziness

Hello everybody! I hope you all had some fantastic holidays and equally amazing New Years! I spent the days together with my family and friends in the town I grew up and it was so good to see them all again. Of course, just returning from Japan, there were many questions asked, many stories shared… Continue reading Japanese KitKat-Craziness

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German food in Japan

Hey guys, when I walked through the streets of Duesseldorf today, busy with the last Christmas presents, I noticed a Japanese restaurant named “Roppongi”. It struck me as unusual, because usually the shops here bear the name of the owner (like Takumi Ramen, which is delicious!). Also Roppongi was the name of the district I… Continue reading German food in Japan

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Cooking Japanese Food

  Hey everybody, living in Japan – and in Tokyo on top of that – is extremely expensive. I have talked about prices of vegetable and fruit here already, however, it is even more expensive to eat out every day – even though you can make some very good deals every now and then… For… Continue reading Cooking Japanese Food

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Osaka Ant

Hey guys, this weekend I did not spend in Tokyo like my name on here implies, but their rival town, Osaka. It was a rather spontaneous decision, since I got the chance to see a friend from my very first time in Japan, Sara. We didn’t quite know whether or not it would work out… Continue reading Osaka Ant

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A fun Night at a Japanese Hot Spring

Hi everybody! Last Sunday my housemates from the Borderless House invited me very spontaneously to a visit of a Japanese hot spring on the artificial island of Odaiba. Inhabitable land mass kind of turned out to be a very valuable resource in Tokyo, so in the 1970s, when Tokyo was expanding fast, some island fortresses… Continue reading A fun Night at a Japanese Hot Spring

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Visiting the Two Nerd Centers

Hello Reader, The districts I live and work in during my stay in Japan are Akasaka and Roppongi, which are both known for their business vibe with typical “salarymen” and large office complexes. So, I’m naturally always eager to see the more vivid colours of Tokyo in my leisure time on the week-ends. This time… Continue reading Visiting the Two Nerd Centers