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Overeating at Sweets Paradise

Hey guys, it’s been a while. I went through some pictures of my last days in Japan and couldn’t believe I forgot to tell you about our amazing time at Sweets Paradise! Me and the two girls I worked with all had a pretty sweet tooth and it happened quite regularly that we would drop… Continue reading Overeating at Sweets Paradise

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A day trip to Mt. Takao

Hello guys, time is flying by and for one of my last weekends in Japan I really wanted to see something outside of Tokyo again. My co-worker Alina came up with the idea to go to Mt. Takao as a day trip and since I also wanted to take pictures of the red leaves here… Continue reading A day trip to Mt. Takao

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No Pictures

Some people have been wondering, concerning my last entry about the President’s visit, why I only posted the official photos and didn’t make any myself – not even a selfie.

We were quite explicitly not allowed is the answer to that. But we are rebels 😀



Akasaka Borderless House Halloween Party

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Osaka Ant

Hey guys, this weekend I did not spend in Tokyo like my name on here implies, but their rival town, Osaka. It was a rather spontaneous decision, since I got the chance to see a friend from my very first time in Japan, Sara. We didn’t quite know whether or not it would work out… Continue reading Osaka Ant

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A fun Night at a Japanese Hot Spring

Hi everybody! Last Sunday my housemates from the Borderless House invited me very spontaneously to a visit of a Japanese hot spring on the artificial island of Odaiba. Inhabitable land mass kind of turned out to be a very valuable resource in Tokyo, so in the 1970s, when Tokyo was expanding fast, some island fortresses… Continue reading A fun Night at a Japanese Hot Spring

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Showing some colours

 Hello everyone. As a German, who grew up in Germany, I’m not really used to seeing the German colours outside of soccer championships or souvenir trash stores. While the flags of the UK and the USA, or France’s, are even considered fashionable and are produced as fabrics for clothings of all kinds, Germans tend to… Continue reading Showing some colours