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The thing I probably need to talk about

Hey guys, today we have an important anniversary. As some of you know, I have tried to avoid talking about this for six years now. Since some time, however, I have come to realise that this date is an unerasable part of my story and who I am today, and I’ve decided to finally share… Continue reading The thing I probably need to talk about

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Hey guys, today I read the first reports on possible snowfall in Germany and apparently it is going to be freezing starting this week in my home town. In Japan, on the contrary, I am still waiting eagerly for autumn to fully arrive here. I’m always very indecisive whether I prefer autumn or winter as… Continue reading Momijigari

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Osaka Ant

Hey guys, this weekend I did not spend in Tokyo like my name on here implies, but their rival town, Osaka. It was a rather spontaneous decision, since I got the chance to see a friend from my very first time in Japan, Sara. We didn’t quite know whether or not it would work out… Continue reading Osaka Ant

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Admitting an Obsession

Hey there! At my university in Germany there are hardly people who didn’t get into Japan through Japanese popculture and in most cases that would be manga and anime. For me, naturally this applies as well. During my elementary school years I got heavily into detective stories and consumed the German books and audio dramas… Continue reading Admitting an Obsession

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Birthday Adventures

Hey there, yesterday was my birthday and I turned 22, yay! Thank you guys for all the congratulations and good wishes! I’m going to tell you about my day in this entry, because there was just so much stuff we did and it was such a fun birthday, that I want to share it with… Continue reading Birthday Adventures

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History repeating itself

Going to the movies is really expensive in Japan. I’m so glad I brought an international student ID so I can get at least some discount on the usual price… Nonetheless, I previously didn’t even consider going to the movies here in the first place. These days however, I saw a poster that made me change my mind.

The first movie – 2011

Six years ago, during my very first time in Japan, my hostfamily of that time took me to see the first live action movie adaption of the manga “Gantz”. Now, as I mentioned before, I was really into manga at the time, but of that one I had never heard when taking my seat next to my hostsister.

I admit my language skills of that time where absolutely not sufficient at all. The images however really impressed me. The movie plays out a possible afterlife concept, in which the characters have a chance to win their life back. To do that they need to fight – you’ll never guess – alien creatures.

I really enjoyed this mix of science-fiction with philosophical questions about the meaning of life and whether or not it is worth fighting for.

The reboot – 2016



Now, guess what movie poster I saw when passing by the theater… – The series is getting a digital animated reboot in october! 🙂

I start to see a pattern here. Well, I really don’t believe in fate but I’m still going to watch it!

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Does Japan have a “Kawaii-Problem”?

Hey guys! The term kawaii means cute and I’m pretty sure you have heard it before. Since japanese popculture finally trespassed the japanese borders, especially in the 90s, the term kawaii has been used as the very personification of that culture in the west. Anime, Manga, or Characters like Hello Kitty or Rilakkuma – they… Continue reading Does Japan have a “Kawaii-Problem”?