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The thing I probably need to talk about

Hey guys, today we have an important anniversary. As some of you know, I have tried to avoid talking about this for six years now. Since some time, however, I have come to realise that this date is an unerasable part of my story and who I am today, and I’ve decided to finally share… Continue reading The thing I probably need to talk about

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I have officially moved out of Akasaka House and only have one more night in Tokyo before I’m flying back to Germany tomorrow morning.


Time flew by so fast and I’m super excited to be back for Christmas season. I want to thank my housemates and co-workers for this amazing time – there was so much to do and I enjoyed every bit of it.

And thank you guys, too, for letting me tell you about my adventures in Japan. For liking my posts and giving your opinion in the comment section or talking to me personally about it.

I still have so many pictures left that I wanted to share and to many stories that I wanted to tell. I definitely won’t abandon this blog, so please keep on checking it every now and then.

Thank you so much, Japan. Sayonara.

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Unnecessary Jobs

Hey guys, during the last week one of the underground lines I usually take had to shut down their service for an entire day. The reason was simply construction work, which I can observe a lot in Tokyo recently. (Probably because of the Olympics 2020.) When I got to that shut down station the other… Continue reading Unnecessary Jobs


How today’s result will influence Japan

Before I get started let me just say, that I have never been to the United States and I don’t claim to understand their political system, but as they are the country with probably the strongest international influence, today’s result definitely needs to be discussed. My friends from Japan have without exception all been shocked… Continue reading How today’s result will influence Japan

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Cultural Globalization – Celebrating Halloween in Japan

Hey guys, let’s be honest, Halloween is a strange holiday. The way we celebrate it today in several countries of the world is highly influenced by U.S American customs, but the roots are an ancient Irish pagan festival. And despite these pagan traditions it is based on, the name itself derives from the Christian holiday… Continue reading Cultural Globalization – Celebrating Halloween in Japan

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“Fukushima, mon amour”

Dear Readers, on saturday I attended a screening of the German film “Fukushima, mon amour” (Grüße aus Fukushima, 2016). It was part of the opening reception for the German Film Festival in Roppongi Hills and therefore many special guests were attending, too. Not all of them took part in “Fukushima, mon amour”, but other German… Continue reading “Fukushima, mon amour”

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Art and Politics

Hello everybody. As I told you in one of my very first entries on here, the embassy staff is quite often invited to art exhibitions and I’ve come to regularly take this opportunity and see some Japanese art. While last time the exhibition was all about calligraphy, this time I had the chance to see… Continue reading Art and Politics