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The Attitude I’d like to have right now


I took this picture last october when it was still incredibly warm in Tokyo.

The sign reads: “Please cherish living things! Do not damage plants fish and animals.” The guy right next to it came with full equipment and calmly started fishing.

At that time I almost couldn’t believe my eyes. Today I can’t help but think he was pretty hilarious.

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Japanese KitKat-Craziness

Hello everybody! I hope you all had some fantastic holidays and equally amazing New Years! I spent the days together with my family and friends in the town I grew up and it was so good to see them all again. Of course, just returning from Japan, there were many questions asked, many stories shared… Continue reading Japanese KitKat-Craziness

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German food in Japan

Hey guys, when I walked through the streets of Duesseldorf today, busy with the last Christmas presents, I noticed a Japanese restaurant named “Roppongi”. It struck me as unusual, because usually the shops here bear the name of the owner (like Takumi Ramen, which is delicious!). Also Roppongi was the name of the district I… Continue reading German food in Japan

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Unnecessary Jobs

Hey guys, during the last week one of the underground lines I usually take had to shut down their service for an entire day. The reason was simply construction work, which I can observe a lot in Tokyo recently. (Probably because of the Olympics 2020.) When I got to that shut down station the other… Continue reading Unnecessary Jobs

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Things I probably won’t miss

Hey guys, only one more week is left of my three months here in Japan and again I want to take this chance and take stock. I have been waiting so long to come back to Japan and these three months really proved to me that I definitely see myself working here in the future,… Continue reading Things I probably won’t miss

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Earthquake near Fukushima Prefecture


this is a very short entry, as I just wanted to say: everything is alright.

An earthquake with a magnitude of over 7 hit near Fukushima Prefecture this morning at 6 am and of course everyone’s first thought went to the catastrophes of 2011 where the situation was quite similar.


As you can see in the chart, it was also quite noticeable here in Tokyo. I was still sleeping, and as everyone who ever shared a room with me can confirm: when I sleep nothing will wake me up that easily.

I did open my eyes at some point because this earthquake lasted several minutes. But at no point did I have a feeling of actually being in danger.

At the embassy, everything is business as usual. I’ll keep you guys updated if anything else should occur.

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Hey guys, today I read the first reports on possible snowfall in Germany and apparently it is going to be freezing starting this week in my home town. In Japan, on the contrary, I am still waiting eagerly for autumn to fully arrive here. I’m always very indecisive whether I prefer autumn or winter as… Continue reading Momijigari