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The Attitude I’d like to have right now


I took this picture last october when it was still incredibly warm in Tokyo.

The sign reads: “Please cherish living things! Do not damage plants fish and animals.” The guy right next to it came with full equipment and calmly started fishing.

At that time I almost couldn’t believe my eyes. Today I can’t help but think he was pretty hilarious.

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I have officially moved out of Akasaka House and only have one more night in Tokyo before I’m flying back to Germany tomorrow morning.


Time flew by so fast and I’m super excited to be back for Christmas season. I want to thank my housemates and co-workers for this amazing time – there was so much to do and I enjoyed every bit of it.

And thank you guys, too, for letting me tell you about my adventures in Japan. For liking my posts and giving your opinion in the comment section or talking to me personally about it.

I still have so many pictures left that I wanted to share and to many stories that I wanted to tell. I definitely won’t abandon this blog, so please keep on checking it every now and then.

Thank you so much, Japan. Sayonara.

Tokyo everyday life

Earthquake near Fukushima Prefecture


this is a very short entry, as I just wanted to say: everything is alright.

An earthquake with a magnitude of over 7 hit near Fukushima Prefecture this morning at 6 am and of course everyone’s first thought went to the catastrophes of 2011 where the situation was quite similar.


As you can see in the chart, it was also quite noticeable here in Tokyo. I was still sleeping, and as everyone who ever shared a room with me can confirm: when I sleep nothing will wake me up that easily.

I did open my eyes at some point because this earthquake lasted several minutes. But at no point did I have a feeling of actually being in danger.

At the embassy, everything is business as usual. I’ll keep you guys updated if anything else should occur.

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No Pictures

Some people have been wondering, concerning my last entry about the President’s visit, why I only posted the official photos and didn’t make any myself – not even a selfie.

We were quite explicitly not allowed is the answer to that. But we are rebels 😀



By the way…

…I am in my internship for one and a half months today! Yay!

That means I’m over the hump already and only one and a half months left.

Thank you guys for taking part in my adventures  ❤

The ant says: “Thank you!”
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History repeating itself

Going to the movies is really expensive in Japan. I’m so glad I brought an international student ID so I can get at least some discount on the usual price… Nonetheless, I previously didn’t even consider going to the movies here in the first place. These days however, I saw a poster that made me change my mind.

The first movie – 2011

Six years ago, during my very first time in Japan, my hostfamily of that time took me to see the first live action movie adaption of the manga “Gantz”. Now, as I mentioned before, I was really into manga at the time, but of that one I had never heard when taking my seat next to my hostsister.

I admit my language skills of that time where absolutely not sufficient at all. The images however really impressed me. The movie plays out a possible afterlife concept, in which the characters have a chance to win their life back. To do that they need to fight – you’ll never guess – alien creatures.

I really enjoyed this mix of science-fiction with philosophical questions about the meaning of life and whether or not it is worth fighting for.

The reboot – 2016



Now, guess what movie poster I saw when passing by the theater… – The series is getting a digital animated reboot in october! 🙂

I start to see a pattern here. Well, I really don’t believe in fate but I’m still going to watch it!

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Tokyo Metropolis

Even while being in Tokyo, I usually can’t wrap my head around just how enormously large this city is.

Yesterday, a colleague at the embassy took me up the Mori Tower in Roppongi, which is 54 stories tall and has an observatory deck on top of that. The view is simply amazing from this far up above.

You can see so far! My colleague was able to point out the different districts of Tokyo and various places for sightseeing for me. I will certainly have to go to some of these.

But besides seeing Tokyo from above, the best indication so far of this citys scale were the clouds. How come?

Now, Duesseldorf is a large city that had me get used to light pollution in no time, but of course it doesn’t even compare to Tokyo with a population of 13,5 million. At night, the lights from the streets, the advertisements and the millions of people in the skyscrapers light up the sky to a nearly unbelievable extend.

As a result, the clouds are clearly illuminated at night, hovering above this city in a kind of spooky fashion, to remind me that this city is just huge.