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The thing I probably need to talk about

Hey guys, today we have an important anniversary. As some of you know, I have tried to avoid talking about this for six years now. Since some time, however, I have come to realise that this date is an unerasable part of my story and who I am today, and I’ve decided to finally share… Continue reading The thing I probably need to talk about

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Overeating at Sweets Paradise

Hey guys, it’s been a while. I went through some pictures of my last days in Japan and couldn’t believe I forgot to tell you about our amazing time at Sweets Paradise! Me and the two girls I worked with all had a pretty sweet tooth and it happened quite regularly that we would drop… Continue reading Overeating at Sweets Paradise

Tokyo everyday life

The Attitude I’d like to have right now


I took this picture last october when it was still incredibly warm in Tokyo.

The sign reads: “Please cherish living things! Do not damage plants fish and animals.” The guy right next to it came with full equipment and calmly started fishing.

At that time I almost couldn’t believe my eyes. Today I can’t help but think he was pretty hilarious.

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Japanese KitKat-Craziness

Hello everybody! I hope you all had some fantastic holidays and equally amazing New Years! I spent the days together with my family and friends in the town I grew up and it was so good to see them all again. Of course, just returning from Japan, there were many questions asked, many stories shared… Continue reading Japanese KitKat-Craziness

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German food in Japan

Hey guys, when I walked through the streets of Duesseldorf today, busy with the last Christmas presents, I noticed a Japanese restaurant named “Roppongi”. It struck me as unusual, because usually the shops here bear the name of the owner (like Takumi Ramen, which is delicious!). Also Roppongi was the name of the district I… Continue reading German food in Japan


Being back

Hello guys! I’ve been back in Germany for two weeks by now – suitcases have been unpacked, pictures have been sorted through and even the last postcard I send from Japan has finally arrived at my grandparents (I forgot the postal code… *sigh*). Being back feels a bit unreal to be honest. I’m finally back… Continue reading Being back

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I have officially moved out of Akasaka House and only have one more night in Tokyo before I’m flying back to Germany tomorrow morning.


Time flew by so fast and I’m super excited to be back for Christmas season. I want to thank my housemates and co-workers for this amazing time – there was so much to do and I enjoyed every bit of it.

And thank you guys, too, for letting me tell you about my adventures in Japan. For liking my posts and giving your opinion in the comment section or talking to me personally about it.

I still have so many pictures left that I wanted to share and to many stories that I wanted to tell. I definitely won’t abandon this blog, so please keep on checking it every now and then.

Thank you so much, Japan. Sayonara.