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Famous in Japan

Hello guys!

Six years ago, my parents did an effort to teach me some things first before letting me go off to Japan. They could have prevented me from going in the first place actually, but decided to allow me the year abroad if my grades got better. Today I believe that when they told me that, they never thought I would make it.

Anyways, my dad made a big thing of me watching those movies with him he considered educating. The one I was actually excited for was “Lost in Translation” (2003) staring Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson, because it was about Japan and literally that was all I cared for. However, for 15-year-old me that movie was a disappointment. It did not depict Japan as I saw it, and that bond between Bob and Charlotte simply grossed me out, if I remember correctly.

Today on the other hand, I saw this particular advertisement at a metro station and I had to laugh out loud, even though you’re really not supposed to do that in Japan! All of a sudden I remembered that Suntory Whisky scene and couldn’t help myself finding it hilarious in hindsight.

I really want to rewatch that movie now!


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